House Estate Agents

Foreign real estate investors are looking more and more at the Australian property market as a good place to invest their money thanks to the consistency of the market over the last three decades. There are number of factors that foreign investors have taken note of which some Australian investors take for granted living in this Great Southern Land.

The housing market in many countries, especially the USA, collapsed overnight during the Globale Financial Crisis and saw them hit rock bottom in the ensuing months. However, housing prices around Australia remained stable throughout the same period thanks to Australia’s strong economic and political situations.

The investment markets of Australia are well regulated meaning investments are generally quite transparent and low risk for the investor. This on top of tight Government lending rules means that repossessions of houses are kept very low.

The number one reason though people should be investing in Australia is that it is the fastest growing country in the developed world. Over the past 6 years our population has increased by more than two million and all of these people need somewhere to live. The peaceful and secure lifestyle that our borders offer has seen the thirst for rental properties soar over recent years ensuring that the demand for housing outweighs the supply – every investors dream.

According to real estate analysis conducted earlier this year, Toowoomba is seen as the number one investment market in Australia. Chinchilla and Oakey also ranked in the Top 50. If you are looking for an investment property or even if you are thinking about buying that second house, give us a call and we can guide you through the investment process step-by-step.