House Estate Agents

In recent times, it has been noticeable as you drive around Toowoomba that there are a number of houses on the market which stay on the market for far too long. On closer inspection of these houses they are often priced right, in a good location and marketed by reputable estate agents. So, why aren’t they selling? Here at House we understand that house in not a home until the buyer perceives it is his home. Here are five ways that will help create a better perception of your home in the mind of the buyer.

1. De-Clutter

When you sell your house you are not selling bricks and mortar, you are selling living space. Ultimately, when potential buyers walk through your house, they are trying to envisage what their stuff will look like within the walls of your house. If the picture they create in their mind is a good one then it is very likely that you will receive an offer from these people.

As time goes on it is easy to accumulate a lot of possessions and the more ‘clutter’ you have in your house the more difficult it is for the buyer to mentally put his stuff in your house creating a feeling that the house is too small, so it is necessary to ‘de-clutter.’

  • Put away any unnecessary bench-top items in your kitchen like slow cookers, electric frying pans, blenders, food processors and even the dish rack
  • Get rid of any exercise equipment
  • Remove any shoes, boots, jackets and any other seasonal clothing from the entry way
  • Replace any large, bulky furniture that takes up valuable space with smaller furniture

2. Clean

This may seem quite obvious but nothing makes a bigger impression than walking into a house that looks fresh and clean. The easiest way to do this is to vacuum your carpets, wash your walls, clean your windows and mirrors, mop the floor and polish your furniture.

Pay particular attention to your bathroom because it is one room that often tips the scales in favour of your house or of someone else’s. Clean the mirrors, clean the floor, polish your taps and even put out clean white towels.

3. Repairs

It is often not necessary to undertake major renovations to get your house sold but it is the little things that people notice which start to add up. Cracked tiles, dripping taps, dents in walls, blown light bulbs and squeaky doors are all very simple and inexpensive to resolve but if left they can create a negative perception in the buyer’s mind that the house is falling apart.

A blown light bulb can cause people to think of electrical problems and dripping taps make people wonder what kind of other plumbing problems there are in the house. By spending a few dollars and a little time repairing these kinds of things goes a long way to eliminating negative thoughts of the buyer.

4. Curb Appeal

The first thing most people do when they are looking for a house is to start searching the internet. Generally, the first photo that appears is the front view of the house from the curb. Just as with any first impression, it sticks in the mind of the buyer and will determine if they explore the property further.

Good digital photos are essential but they are only a representation of the actual state of your house and this image has to be kept up throughout the sale process of your house. There are some ways to give your house better curb appeal:

  • tidy up the garden
  • rake up the dead leaves
  • mow the lawn
  • use mulch in the garden
  • plant some vibrant plants and flowers
  • paint the letter box and make sure the house number is visible


Smell is a very powerful sense and is an important to stimulate when selling your house. However, it is not just about making your house smell good with a freshly baked cake or with pot pourri but it is also about removing any unpleasant smells.

Old carpets, clogged air vents and hidden dust can all be sources of unpleasant odours within a house. Consider replacing old carpet or, at the very least, get them professionally cleaned. Keep your house dusted and vacuumed.

You don’t have to go as far as baking bread but instead of using over powering floral scented air freshener, put some fresh flowers and some fresh fruit in the house.

Selling your home is all about creating a perception in the buyer’s mind that this is home. While our professional estate agents take responsibility for all the necessary things to get your house sold, like quality advertising, professional digital photography and effective marketing, there are a number of simple things that the seller can do to assist in getting offers to start flowing in much quicker. If you need some professional advice about how to sell your house, don’t hesitate to contact us.