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how to sell you house for a higher price

Selling a home can be tricky especially in the current real estate market. Everyone wants to cash in as much as possible, and no homeowner entertains the idea of underselling. While getting the right agent for your property is critical, the selling process shouldn’t be placed entirely on the agent.

Whatever the state of your home, selling it at a higher price is the ultimate goal. This might be, however, unachievable if it’s frothy or unattractive. While getting a good deal might be hard, staging your home for the sale is essential. It not only ensures your property sells faster but also helps add much value.

Here are tried tips on how to make your property stand out and add value;

Declutter Your Home

Accumulating lots of stuff is not hard while living in your own home. When you want to sell the house, it’s imperative to remove all clutter before presenting it to potential buyers. Decluttering creates space and makes it easy for potential buyers to see through.

To effectively remove clutter from your home, remove some furniture and personal items. It will make the house look bigger, spacious, and comfortable to live in. If you want to get a higher sale price for your home, get rid of all the things that have filled every nook and cranny.

If you are finding a hard time decluttering your home, look for external storage. Bear in mind that the majority of people find it difficult to envisage a cluttered home. When removing excess stuff, don’t make the house look generic. Leave some personality to give buyers suggestions on what they might do.

Repaint Your Home

How about giving your home a fresh lick of paint? This is one of the surest ways to get a higher sale price for your home. Give your walls some neutral color such that it seems bigger and lighter. Painting a home enables potential buyers to imagine how it feels staying there.

Also, painting a home creates a good impression. Often, paint is always considered the best return on investment when it comes to selling a home.

Don’t be limited to painting the walls alone. Treat your cupboards, doors, and bathrooms with a fresh, modern touch that will appeal to potential buyers.

When looking to paint a home, you may have to hire experienced painters to bring out a neat finish. The last thing you want is to redo your paint job after investing heavily in it.

Improve Your Street Appeal

If you want to get a good deal for your home, do not overlook the street appeal. The majority of buyers see a home’s first appearance before making decisions.

Maintaining your street appeal involves many things, from manicuring the lawns, bushes, and fences. Trim your lawns, maintain pavements, and work on the fences to give the home a maximum serenity. Also, try to make your curb appeal fit perfectly in the surrounding. If you want to give your home a perfect staging, maximizing on the street appeal is imperative.

Fix Everything

Potential buyers conduct inspections as a re-negotiation leverage. To win in the negotiation chapter, you have to fix everything that’s in a mess.

While fixing your property might seem daunting, it powers up its price largely. Buyers reduce prices every time they not something in disarray. The messier the home, the poorer the deal you will get. To avoid such a situation, repair anything that might give the buyer another thought. Fix the peeling paint, dripping faucets, termite damages, running toilets, cracked windows, and broken lights.

Don’t go overboard to waste resources while trying to make your home appear great. All you have to do is reduce any issues that the buyer might notice. If you are not handy, look for a home inspector and everything will fall in place.

Beware of Any Potential Shortcomings of Your Property

Strengths and weaknesses are undeniable phenomena in every home. Acknowledging the various weaknesses upfront to prevent being caught on the offside.

Also, understand the various strengths and capitalize on them to get a higher sale price for your home. When listing, carefully portray your home as it is and offer the buyers the definite characteristics. Overhyping a home can be detrimental, affecting your total gains, should your home sell. Please don’t get the buyer excited by the online presentation, but rather, present it as authentic as it is.

Price Your Home Correctly

The best way to kill a real estate deal is by overpricing the property. Many sellers don’t understand the line between selling a home for a higher price and overpricing it to make abnormal profits. Most of the buyers inspecting your property have due diligence on matters appertaining to prices. Any attempt to extort unimaginable prices is a way of sending them away,

Don’t let your ego get into the price listing. Rather, choose a price that will motivate buyers into the door quickly. While setting a price might prove a hard task, make sure you get it right, even if it means hiring a property valuator.

Brighten Up Your Home With Proper Lighting

Life is too short to stay in a poorly lit home. Most probably, your home needs better lighting than the one there is to look attractive. If you have depressing fluorescents, outdated ceiling sconces, or dark workbenches, you better invest in something better.

There are many affordable lighting solutions to reward your home with. While it may cost a few hundred bucks, it’s a perfect way to get a higher sale price. Use the power of lighting to give buyers a real impact and dictate a higher price.

Find the Right Real Estate Agent

The agent you choose for your property has a direct impact on the final price. From the inspection and negotiation stages to closing the deal, the input of the agent is key.

While choosing your real estate agent, consider the fees, commission rates, and their recommended price tags. Also, check whether they are experienced in selling homes and their understanding of the market. All these parameters will lead you to the right agent that will help you get a higher sale price for your property.

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