Preparing Your Property for Lease

Provide your property in the state of cleanliness and repair that you expect the tenants to maintain and return the property in.

Your valuable asset requires an ongoing commitment by you. To maintain the competitive position of your property in the market:

Maintenance: Where possible a percentage of the rental income should be set aside to cover anticipated future maintenance requirements, e.g. Painting, renovations, new carpets etc.

Gardening: If there is substantial lawn area the owner may consider supplying a gardener to mow and edge the lawns on an ”as needed basis”.

Gutters: The gutters should be cleared prior to letting the property and then once or twice each year.

Pruning: Trees and shrubs should be pruned at least once a year, particularly prior to winter if there are any large trees close to the house.

Appliances: Instructions on the use of appliances and any valid warranty details should be supplied to the agent and communicated to the tenant, to ensure correct usage.

  • Is the stove (especially the grill, oven, drip-trays and behind the stove), clean?
  • Have the exhaust fans been removed and cleaned?
  • Have air-vents been dusted?
  • Have venetian blinds been taken down and washed thoroughly?
  • Have windows and window sills been cleaned thoroughly?
  • Have all cupboards been cleaned, in and out and all personal items removed?
  • If carpet is marked and stained, has it been shampooed?
  • Have all light fittings been cleaned?
  • Have all floors, walls and all skirting boards been washed?
  • Have the curtains been washed and dry-cleaned (whichever is applicable for the fabric)?
  • Have cobwebs been removed?
  • Has the bathroom been thoroughly cleaned? Have the toilet, bathroom cabinet and shower recess (including the grouting, shower screen and shower curtain) been left spotless?
  • Have the furniture and upholstery been left clena?
  • Have the lawns been mowed and the edges trimmed?
  • Have the gardens been weeded?
  • Has any rubbish been left in the garden?
  • Are the driveways, carport and all concrete areas free from oil stains?
  • Are all items on the inventory (if furnished) accounted for?