House Estate Agents

My mother always told me that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but my theory was that if the cover doesn’t stand out then it doesn’t even get the chance to be judged. In this day and age the same is true with your house. We are now living in times where you can find thousands of home offers at the click of a button and the only way to get people to take any notice of your home is to have a good quality, digital image that screams “This house is amazing!”

Our agents here at House are extremely talented but when it comes to shutter speeds, lighting, angles and contrast we leave that to the professionals. In fact, we believe it is so vital to have an image that wows the potential buyer that we engage our own experienced, professional photographer very early in the sales process.

We have a proven record of selling homes quicker than the market average and a common factor that is often noticeable about those houses that sit on the market for months and months is that the image quality of the photos is quite poor – even poorer than the effort of the agent that allowed such photos to be put online. Our point-of-view is that if we have the capability at our fingertips to create ‘magazine-quality’ photos which help sell your home quicker, then we owe it to our clients to do it.

If you need your house to be sold swiftly then you have to make a great first impression with quality photography. We have been successfully doing this for years along with other marketing strategies to sell houses. If you need some advice, then give us a call.