House Estate Agents

Why do you put on your best clothes when you go to a job interview? Why does a new car look and smell so good? Why do our clients sell their houses quicker than the market average? – The answer: Presentation is everything!

There is a debate within the industry whether a well-presented house simply speeds up the sales process of the property or it rather positively influences the final sales price. Our estate agents are either just very optimistic or some of the most professional in the game because we believe the mixture of a well-presented property along with an expert marketing plan makes it possible to achieve both.

Here are some tips to get you on your way to selling your home faster:

1. Make an impression

The first thing people notice when they step onto your property is not the structural soundness of the house or the type of insulation that has been installed but they have noticed whether the lawn has been cut, how many weeds are clogging up the garden and the state of the mailbox and the front fence – even before they get to the front door.

The small investment of a bit of paint, some seasonal flowers and a few hours labour can really pay-off.

2. Get rid of the clutter

Your beloved antique china and that hundred year old wall-unit do not sell homes. In fact, none of your stuff will. The only thing that will help is by making your home feel more spacious and less cramped. Without making the room totally bare, take the time to remove as much as you can.

3. Clean

Do not underestimate the impression you can make by having a clean house. Use good quality cleaning products to wash walls and ceilings. In the kitchen and bathroom, make sure tapware is polished properly, benchtops are cleaned with a good quality bleach and that any mould in the tile grout is completely removed. This will not only leave your home smelling fresh but it will make it very appealing.

4. Get it fixed

Broken tiles, leaking taps and broken cupboard doors are not expensive to fix but can give the impression to a potential buyer that the house is falling apart. Those negative emotions have the potential of being a deal-breaker – not because they are expensive to fix but rather the uncertainty it creates of ‘what else can go wrong after I have bought this house?’

5. Use the right agent

There are many agents out there who would be willing to sign you up but without a proper marketing plan, local market knowledge, local experience and the valuation expertise, a well-presented house won’t ever reach its value potential. You need to find an agent with a proven track record within your local market and someone who understands the importance of ‘presentation perfection’ when selling a house.

No one wants to spend a lot of time or money on a house they want to sell, but with a little of each and the right agent it is possible to sell your home at the asking price and within the right timeframe. If you would like to know more about how to effectively market your house then contact one of our property experts today.