House Estate Agents

Today on the blog we’re spending time with Principal of House Estate Agents and Sales/Marketing Specialist Emmy Thies to find out what keeps her constantly moving!

1. What is your favourite word?


2. What is your least favourite word


3. If you weren’t a real estate agent what is your dream job?

A public speaker, I love to talk!

4. If you were buying a house, what one feature do you look for?

Can I have two things? Position and potential. You have to make sure you start in the right location, but also have the vision of what a house can become.

5. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in a house?

A dungeon?!

6. Describe your perfect start to the morning

Getting to gym early then into work early. Feeling fresh. Prepared to take on the day.

7. Describe your perfect end to a long day

When does the day end? I’m constantly moving so most days I have to force myself to stop.

8. Why did you become an estate agent?

A love of people and property. Putting the two together is always rewarding.

9. What is your best quality as an estate agent?

Putting the needs of the client before my own. I always aim to put my own agenda or motivations away to best serve the client.

10. The number one tip you would give to people thinking of selling their home

Can I have two again? Immaculate presentation combined with a well thought out and executed plan.