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The Carnival of Flowers has past, the magpies are back out swooping, the Ugg boots are back in the wardrobe and people are buying properties – that’s right, it is Spring.

Spring time not only brings the garden back to life but it also has the same effect on potential home buyers as they take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days to fill up their weekend viewing properties. This makes Spring one of the busiest and most successful times of the year for the real estate industry, and means now is the time to take action.

Here are three tips to help sellers take advantage of this flurry of buyer activity.

1. Freshen up the garden. Now is the time to turn your tired winter garden into a colourful, warm and inviting place by planting spring flowers, pulling out the weeds and mowing the lawn. Did you know mowing your lawn diagonally makes your garden look bigger?
2. Let the sun shine in. Natural light is one of the biggest wepaons in the interior design battle. Pull back the curtains, clean the windows, polish your furniture and clean everything. It is called Spring cleaning for a reason.
3. Use soft Spring colours. It’s time to update your linen by buying some new towels, bed linen and cushion covers – lavender, sky blue, pink and yellow. These colours lighten up the room and make it look fresh. If you need to do any interior painting consider using these colours.

However, the best tip for anyone wanting to sell their home in Spring is to act now. It is inevitable that more and more homes are set to come on the market before the end of the year which means more and more competition, but by enlisting the services of an experienced estate agent who can provide you with the right sales strategy, it will dramatically increase your chances of selling your home at the sales price you expect.

With the end of the year fast approaching, House estate agents are ready to sit down with you today to make selling your home in 2013 are real possibility. The old saying is true, ‘The early bird catches the worm.’ Call us now on 07 4638 7311.