House Estate Agents

In the second half of 2012 nearly 70 houses were sold in the Highfields area with an average sales price of $416K, but if you are a Highfields resident and are looking to sell your house you may be alarmed to see how long the ‘For Sale’ signs have been hanging on some fences.

On average, houses in Highfields are sitting on the market for over 15 weeks before they are sold which may cause some people to come to the conclusion that the market is in a poor state and it is not the right time to put your house on the market, but before blaming the market it is worth taking a look at your agents numbers and asking why they aren’t getting the results.

The old saying that ‘numbers don’t lie’ is true but it all depends on what numbers you are looking at. People may generalise that the market in Highfields is not great because the average tells us it is taking 108 days to sell a property in Highfields but over the last six months houses listed with House Estate Agents have sold after only 19.5 days – almost 5 times quicker than the average Highfields listing.

We consider our agents to be some of the best Queensland has to offer but how have we been able to buck the trend in such a big way and even set a number of street price records along the way? The answer is neither complicated, nor does it have anything to do with being lucky or having some special golden touch. Here at House Estate Agents, our strategy based around ensuring that your property is:

  • listed at the right price
  • presented properly
  • marketed effectively

By following these simple guidelines we have been able to attract numerous serious buyers to viewings and consequently generate more than one offer on a single property. Having a choice of buyers helps settle the nerves of clients and makes it possible to allow us to sell the property at the seller’s asking price or very close to it.

Before allowing anyone to convince you that the Highfields market is struggling, come and speak to us about how we can get the best out of your property. We are still getting great results for our clients in Highfields by doing the simple things right – the numbers don’t lie.