House Estate Agents

As COVID-19 virus continues to escalate, House Estate Agents is committed to protecting the health and safety of our team, family, tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers.

We are in the business of selling and renting properties resulting in numerous points of contact through open homes, private inspections, signing documents and much more. Below are some steps we are taking to do our part to minimise the disruption for everyone and best represent our clients to make buying, selling and renting as simple as possible.

These steps include:

  • Opening all doors and windows at open homes to ensure maximum air flow
  • Avoid shaking hands for everyone’s safety
  • Providing hand sanitiser
  • Promoting a safe and hygienic work culture
  • Monitoring our team’s international travel
  • Offering remote signing options
  • Virtual inspections through facetime, skype, Facebook live
  • Ask that everyone minimise what you touch at properties
  • Shoes are to remain on at all times

Furthermore, our team are happy to conduct virtual listing, new management listings via Skype or Facetime for prospective sellers or landlords if they prefer to do so. If you are interested in listing your property for sale or rent however are cautious of inviting anyone into your home, please speak to your local agent or property manager about the communication options available.

We will continue to monitor situation closely and act in the best interest of our team, families and clients.

If you would like to speak directly to our general manager you can reach Tye Thies here.

Keep yourself updated on COVID-19 here.