Thinking of renting out your home? Here's five things you should do first

27 June 2021

Thinking of renting out your home? Here's five things you should do first

From moving to a brand-new property to emigrating elsewhere in the world, there are many reasons why you may want to retain your home and rent it out. With rental income offering a convenient way to cover costs, especially if you’ve nearly paid off your mortgage, renting out your home may seem like the ideal middle ground between selling or staying.

But before you get your property listed, here are a few things you’ll want to think about before you go live with your property online:

Photography and videos

With more and more people going online to find their next rental property, great photography and a good video is a must if you want to get your home in front of more people. In addition, with restrictions ever-changing during the pandemic, being able to provide clear video footage of your property can make or break whether your property is snapped up immediately or left on the shelf.

Neutralising the property

You might love bright primary colours or dramatic murals, but many renters will want to put their own stamp on their home. The best way to do that? Provide a blank slate. Painting walls with neutral colours, removing outdated tiling and even old carpets can help to make your home far more neutral and appealing to potential renters.

Removing furniture and personal belongings

The appeal of providing a furnished apartment is twofold; not only do you not have to move out all that furniture, but your renters also get the advantage of not needing to bring anything in themselves. But while this works for pieces you’re not precious about, anything that holds value to you should be removed. Even accidental bumps and scrapes can be a big issue when it comes to furniture pieces you love.

Figuring out the rental period

Are you planning to come back to your property at a later date? It’s important to be clear in your rental agreement what that deadline is. You don’t want someone to sign a three-year lease, for example, if you’re planning to be back in the property in two years.

Seek expert support for renting your property

If you’re new to renting out a property, seeking expert help is always a good bet. At House Estate Agents, we’re the ideal service to ensure your rental process is as smooth as possible. With extensive property management experience, our team are on hand to ensure renting out your home is straightforward, easy, and completely hands-off.

Are you interested in working with House Estate Agents? Get in touch now to find out how we could help.