Tenant screening warning signs

17 August 2021

Tenant screening warning signs

Generally, rental tenants pay on time and cause no problems. However, some make the task of property management quite difficult. To ensure you are not caught by surprise, here are a few things all property managers should be mindful of when screening tenants.

#1 They are too nice

At first, this may not make sense. However, too much kindness can present a problem for property managers. While it’s in some people’s nature to be overly kind, others may be using it as a cover. That’s why interviewing any applicant before approving them is essential. Also, to ensure your tenant is telling the truth, it’s smart to check up on them occasionally.

#2 They have no proof of income

At the very least, applicants should be able to prove their income. They can do this by showing you payslips or bank statements. To be certain, call their employer to verify their place of employment. The applicant should earn three times the cost of rent, and more if they’re carrying a lot of debt.

#3 They won’t permit a background check

This is a major red flag for landlords. But before you get nervous, the reason could simply be that they’re worried about the fees. This is especially true if tenants are applying for multiple properties at once. However, their reticence could be something more sinister. Your potential tenant may have a criminal record, or previous home evictions on their record, for instance.

#4 They have no independent references

Are your prospective tenants listing references with the same surname? If so, they may be hiding something. This could be anything from a poor rental history to an eviction. Simply listing relatives or friends as references will not show you what they are like as tenants. It won’t show you if they pay their rent on time or take good care of the property, for example.

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