Rangeville Suburb Profile

17 March 2022

Rangeville Suburb Profile

Rangeville, QLD is a green and leafy suburb located in East Toowoomba. It is rated consistently high for being a safe and quiet place to live, offering a lack of traffic and peaceful clean, green areas. It is a community-focused suburb with a neighbourly spirit, housing families with children and retirees.

Transport options

Rangeville is surrounded by a number of stunning suburbs and is just a 6-minute drive or a 1-hour walk to Silver Ridge. There are easy and safe cycle routes available around the area and plenty of walking paths accessible to all residents.

The public transport network is well-established in the Toowoomba region where Rangeville sits, giving it exemplary access to the bus network provided by TransLink, a fully-operational division of the government Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Toowoomba buses use both paper tickets and cash or debit Fare Cards for a hassle-free experience.


Within the Rangeville catchment area is Rangeville State School, a primary Prep-6 CoEd school with just over 700 students and nearly 60 teaching staff.

An inclusive school, languages other than English make up nearly 15% of Rangeville State School and the community is focused on diversity and inclusion within its school population.


The suburb of Rangeville, Queensland is heavily influenced by its top three household types: older couples and families, established couples and families, and maturing couples and families.

Designed with mature, established, and older couples and families in mind, you’re likely to find a lifestyle tailored towards a nurturing and community-focused mindset.

Suburb snapshot

• Total population: 8,312 (2016 census)
• Weekly household income: $1,439 (median)
• Household size: 2.4 people per household (average)
• Average resident’s age: 43 (median)
• Average monthly loan repayment: $1,668 (median mortgage repayment)
• Median house price: $547,500
• Median unit price: $411,000
• Median 12-month house price growth: 25.8%