Preparing your home for sale? Don’t forget the garden!

10 May 2021

Preparing your home for sale? Don’t forget the garden!

Getting your home ready for sale can seem overwhelming. But when you're writing your to-do list, make sure you don't overlook one of your best potential assets: the garden.

Whether you have vast lawns and garden beds, or a small courtyard, your outdoor environment can boost your home's marketability and sale price. Why? Because it sets the scene for your property before a buyer has even reached the front door.

With just a little time and effort (and not too much investment), you can maximise your garden's appeal to the market. Here's how:

Get rid of the weeds

We know, it seems boring! But weeds scream 'neglect' in a garden, so you have to get rid of them. You can easily dig most weeds out of garden beds, but tricky spots might need a different approach. If you have weeds growing in between pavers, hit them with boiling water (for a non-toxic solution) or use a herbicide bought from your garden store. Remember to take care with the herbicide – spray can drift further than you think, and you don't want to knock out your good plants!

Mulch bare soil

Now that the weeds are out keep them at bay by covering any bare soil with mulch. There are many options: sugar cane, pea straw and wood chips, to name a few. Make sure you choose just one type and stick with it throughout your garden for a consistent finish.

Add some colour

A splash of colour is always welcome. If your garden doesn't have nicely coloured flowers or foliage at sale time, add a few plants for impact. Flowering annuals like petunias, pansies, marigolds and primulas are cheap to buy and easy to care for while your home is on the market. Plant them out in garden beds near the entrance to your home, or place them in pots near the front door.

Keep mowing

There's nothing nicer than a freshly-mown lawn. Keep your lawns trimmed and looking neat throughout the time your home is on the market. It's a great way to improve your property management without the high costs.

Now that your garden is ready to go, contact the real estate sales experts at House Estate Agents to get the ball rolling. We serve clients in Toowoomba, Highfields, Aspley, Springwood, so call or email our team today.