House Estate Agents Exudes Gen-Y Energy

17 June 2012

It is no secret real estate is a tough business and energy and enthusiasm are vital ingredients to succeeding in the industry. And no generation has more energy and enthusiasm than Generation Y.Toowoomba’s House Estate Agents epitomises the Gen-Y spirit. Established in mid-2010 during what other agents are calling bad market, House Estate Agents is driven to succeed. Principal Emmy Wilkie and Director Tye Thies said they felt it was a great time to enter the market as an independant agency that could offer far more service, knowledge and the can-do attitude that achieves outstanding results in any market.“Over 18 months on and we have grown to be a well respected agency achieving outstanding results with strong market presence and an every growing market share.” Ms Wilkie said. During the past 18 months, House Estate Agents have had many successes, but one stands out from the rest. “One of the best experiences was taking over a property for sale that had been on the market for almost two years with three different agents,” Mr Thies said. “The retired sellers had been diagnosed with cancer and we were given only one chance to market the property. We successfully marketed the property in the Domain Property Week and acheived a sale for full price which meant the sellers had the money they neede to move to Tasmania and undergo treatment.” But it isn’t just enthusiasm that sets House Estate Agents apart- through the Real Estate Results Network, the agents are consistantly involved in weekly training to ensure they have the best skills and resources at hand to combine with their energy, knowledge and effort. To support Gen-Y’s in the real estate profession the Young Professionals in Real Estate online network was established. is aimed at helping young people exceed in the real estate industry. YPIRE committee member Lyndsey Douglas said Gen Y agents had to prove themselves from the outset, becasue they dont have a 10 or even 20 year reputation in the industry. “Young people approach each day with enthusiasm.” Ms Douglas said. And Because of young agents’ willingness to embracenew technology, they are quite often more productive, Ms Douglas said.