3 low cost ways to upgrade your property to attract buyers

30 May 2021

3 low cost ways to upgrade your property to attract buyers

Making a few changes to your home or rental property before selling it is an inevitable part of the selling process. If you have lived in a property for a long time, there may be things you have gotten used to that you begin to realise that you don't look too attractive to outsiders.

The thing is, you don't have to make huge, bank-breaking changes either. It's actually better if you don't because there is only so much value you can add to your home. See below for some effective ways you can upgrade your home for real estate sales.

Give the garden some TLC

Our gardens are more important to us than we sometimes realise. It's a peaceful haven we can go to relax in on a sunny day off work. Having a garden that looks shabby and tired sets the tone for the rest of the house for a lot of buyers. If the rest of your house is mediocre, a lush-looking garden can be a point of persuasion for buyers, especially those with a green thumb themselves.

Freshen up the bathroom

There is nothing more off-putting in a house than a grubby bathroom. You don't have to spend loads of refurbishing, but things like regrouting, scrubbing away mould, adding a lick of paint and even putting in a few plants can change the whole atmosphere. In a space that can be very intimate, people want to feel completely comfortable here.

Liven up the first focal point

Have you ever thought about what it is people's eyes first meet when they walk into your home? This is the first impression potential buyers will get of your house. Imagine you are a visitor walking into your house for the first time; think about what you could do with some tweaking in this area. You could put some money into a new rug, a mirror to create space or a feature piece of furniture.

The bottom line

Livening up your home for sale doesn't have to be expensive; it just takes a bit of pragmatic creativity. If you're selling your home, you may benefit from property management to help it reach its full potential for selling.