House Estate Agents

Many people have a view that putting your house out to auction is a desperation play and should only be used if you need a quick sale. However, our expert real estate agents see auctions as just another way to leverage their superior planning, marketing and presentation skills.

As with all real estate transactions you are buying or selling a vision not bricks and mortar. It is not the type of bathtub, the brand of hot water system or thickness of the insulation that sells your house, but it is the sales strategy that highlights why the house is worth the asking price.

Just a couple of months ago one of our clients came to us wanting to sell their 3-bedroom Mt Lofty home – perfect for someone looking for a solid home to renovate. After sitting down with the client to discuss what their expectations were, we decided that going to auction was the answer. Preparation, strategy and a lot of hard work from our agents were going to sell this house.

Our hard work and quality marketing strategy saw 70 people to go through the house before the auction and 40 more on the actual day of the auction. During those weeks leading up to the auction we continued to highlight the incredible renovation potential, the ornate high ceilings, the charm of the window seats, the patio and sunroom as well as the relaxing garden. This was not just some boring sales pitch. This was passion, experience and expertise in real estate at work.

On auction day we saw our efforts pay off with six genuine bidders going head-to-head to score this charming property. Prior to this we had been able to get some feedback from the potential buyers as to what they thought the property would sell for but when the final hammer dropped those figures were blown out of the water. This was thanks to planning and strategy.

If you want to sell your home quickly at or above the market value the number one thing to have is a competent real estate agent. If you want to know how we can make the sale of your house a success by leveraging our knowledge, experience and passion, just like we did in Mt Lofty six weeks ago then call us today.