Meet the Team: Kimberley Jessen

23 October 2013

One of the newest members to the House team, it’s time to put our 10 questions to Sales and Marketing Specialist Kimberley Jessen.

1. What is your favourite word?

Not sure I have one, but I definitely have a word I can’t stand…

2. What is your least favourite word?

I dislike how people like use the word like, like every time they like explain something.

3. If you weren’t a real estate agent what is your dream job?

Something in sales, I love dealing with people. Or perhaps a vet nurse.

4. If you were buying a house, what one feature do you look for?

Location location location!

5. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in a house?

Not much surprises me so nothing out of this world strange that I’ve yet come across.

6. Describe your perfect start to the morning?

Staying in bed and having cuddles with my son Isaiah.

7. Describe your perfect end to a long day?

Hearing the words I love you mummy when putting Isaiah to bed each night.

8. Why did you become an estate agent?

I love watching the property market and helping people purchase their most valuable asset.

9. What is your best quality as an estate agent?

I listen first, then come up with a strategy.

10. The number one tip you would give to people thinking of selling their home?

Presentation is everything

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