House Estate Agents Shine on Wet Weekend

22 February 2013

While many people are tucked away in bed on a Sunday morning recovering from a hard week at work our devoted real estate agents are up-and-about with one thing on their mind – getting the job done for our clients.

Here at House we had an auction scheduled a few Sundays ago but with the rain gauges overflowing it would have been easy and maybe even acceptable in the eyes of many to stay inside and reschedule the auction for another day – but they don’t know our Emmy.

There was no way Emmy was going to allow the possibility of wet socks stand in the way of turning our client’s expectations of selling their house into a reality. Despite the numerous phone calls that were taken throughout the morning from interested parties checking to see if the rain had washed the auction out, Emmy was adamant that the show would go on.

When the auction got under way the rain might have been falling but with the bids increasing so was everyone’s expectations that this house was going to sell. With instructions from the seller to sell, when the bidders hit the reserve price the house was sold.

The deluge of rain wasn’t enough to dampen the spirits of the buyer, the seller or us and to have another happy and satisfied client makes all the hard work worth it all. This success story is more proof that House agents can deliver – rain, hail or shine. Actually, if it hails Emmy will probably supply everyone with helmets!

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